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The text of the following documents was taken from The Jurisprudence of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey.

Anderson's Constitutions
Mackey's introduction reads; "The Charges now to be inserted were presented to the Grand Lodge by Dr. Anderson and Dr. Desaguliers, in 1721, and being approved by the Grand Lodge on the 25th of March, 1722, were subsequently published in the first edition of the Book of Constitutions, with the following title:" ...

Payne's Regulations
Or how to throw an Annual Communication and Feast

The Halliwell Manuscript
Or "The Old York Constitutions of 926", as Mackey calls it. This is essentially a translation of the Regius Poem, with the poetry removed.

Ancient Installation Charges

Ancient Charges At Makings

The Regius Poem
This is a more interesting read than the Halliwell Manuscript.

Anderson's Constitutions of 1723 by Bro. Lionel Vibert
A Commentary on Anderson's Constitutions. I first encountered this commentary in the Little Masonic Library, which is chocked full of similarly usefull information.

Commentary on the Regius Poem